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Jackson Klingenberg & Sarah Chesley
HMA Awarded them each $1,000!

Congratulations 2021 winners

HMA Community Scholarship

Purpose: The Hampstead Merchants Association is dedicated to helping bridge our small business with community members. It is our desire to financially assist a deserving graduating student of Manchester Valley High School who is pursing higher education in business related studies. 


Amount: The scholarship amount given will be determined annually by the board members of the association. The 2022 scholarship amount will be a onetime award of $1,000.



  • The student must have sufficient grades, talent ambition and extra circular involvement to permit prediction of success at university or community college.

  • The applicant must have demonstrated a commitment to their community and/or participated in business oriented endeavors throughout their school career.

  • Applicant must have acceptance into a university, community college or trade school.



Selection Criteria:  Students must be deserving of this scholarship due to achievement, ability, ambition and or need and show a commitment to the community.

Along with this completed application, applicants must include:

  • At least one letter of recommendation from community organization(s) at which the applicant has volunteered and one personal letter of recommendation (no family relation).

  • High school transcript highlighting outstanding academic achievement during grades 9-12

Selection Process: All Applications must be submitted to Ms. Cunningham in the counseling office by April 29, 2022 and will be reviewed and determination made by a committee of three small business owners from the Hampstead Merchants Association (may include members of the board). An interview with potential candidates may be held during the week of May 2, 2022.

Please find the attached 2022 Scholarship Application Below: 

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