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About Us

Our Goals

  • Develop and maintain a marketing/advertising/public relations plan to make businesses and individuals more aware of the HMA.


  • Open communication with members concerning current and up-coming community events, changes in local government changes that impact the business community.

  • Community Involvement:  Events to support our community and fellow businesses, sponsorships, internships

  • Business Development: speakers, mentoring, networking, partnerships, marketing

  • Membership: growing HMA members to increase business development


Strategic Initiatives

  • Representing the merchants and professional community of Hampstead by communicating the Association’s views on matters that affect business in our area.

  • Improving the accessibility and appearance of our community.

  • Developing programs to enhance commerce.

  • Opportunity to share business related ideas and challenges with your peers.

  • Monitoring legislation that may affect Hampstead businesses and professionals.

  • Effectively communicating with current members and promoting HMA to encourage membership growth.

  • Work with other local businesses and civic organizations that share our goals, values and objectives.

  • Marketing the Hampstead community through sponsorship and participation in special events.

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